Here is the list of vendors we will have at the festival this year (so far):

DGP Gourmet – Indian fry bread, corn dogs, bean burrito, funnel cake, curly fries and drinks.
Yacqui’s Taqueria – Mexican food truck-street tacos, bean and cheese, shredded beef, steak burritos. quesadillas, fish tacos and menudo sodas and water
Santana’s Black Label – Pre-packaged Gourmet Foods Company. We are most famous for our jerky, which has no added salts, sugars and is 100% nitrate free. All our products are gluten-free.
Sewing New FuturesĀ – handicrafts headbands, bow ties, kimonos, scarves, bags made from South Indian fabrics. We are a non-profit and all proceeds go back to the artisans we work with in New Delhi, India.
Sweetie’s Cheesecake in a Cone – Cheesecake in a cone. Our “Crab Mac and Cheese” and our “Veggie” are just a couple of our Gourmet Quesadilla flavors!!
KettleRush – kettle corn and lemonade
Hot Bamboo – Asian food such as steam buns, rice bowls, rice snacks, we steam our food in bamboo steamers on site.
Printed Apparel Resource – t shirts with the Flagstaff Folk Festival design on it. – record a song at the festival and enter for a chance to win a recording session.