2024 Performer Signup

Performer signup for the 2024 festival is officially closed. However, we are accepting late registrations to fill spots in case of cancellations.

The Flagstaff Folk Festival is produced by the non-profit organization The Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music. We feature hundreds of musicians and strive to keep our admission low. Any proceeds ensure the continued production of the event and also support our partners. For these reasons we are unable to pay musicians. Besides the opportunity to perform in front of our wonderful audiences, performers do get in to the festival for free, and have LOTS of FUN!  Please note that friends and spouses still need to pay. If they want to get in free, they can register as a volunteer on this page: flagfolkfest.org/volunteering/.

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Note that no drum kits are allowed. The setup time is prohibitive.

Any other questions or problems, please check the main performer page before emailing.

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