Information for Performers

The Festival is June 15–16, 2024 At The Museum Club

Musician Signup is Now Closed

All performers registered by the deadline will have equal consideration. Late registrations may be considered based on number of applications and schedule changes up to the day of the event. The final schedule will be posted by May 20. All registered performers will receive an email confirmation. If you have not received an email, please message us at

Venue: The Flagstaff Folk Festival will be at the Museum Club on Rt 66 again this year. The Museum Club has two stages, one inside and one on the back patio, and a third small stage on the side. All stages will have sound equipment with experienced sound technicians. The small stage will be for solos or duos, the other two stages can accommodate larger groups.

Workshops: There will be a workshop area. Please let me know on the registration form if you are interested in running a workshop. 

There will be a place to store instruments inside the Museum Club. Musicians and workshop leaders will have free entry on their scheduled day.

Please put us on your social media to let your fans know when and where you will be playing.

The Flagstaff Folk Festival welcomes all types of folk and acoustic music and musicians. This is not a strictly “bluegrass” or “old-time” or any other kind of event, and we are proud of it! We strive to offer our performers the best audiences on the best stages they will find anywhere in the Southwest.

Our goal is to offer a venue for both seasoned and up-and-coming performers, and we do our best to schedule all those who wish to perform. Slots are filled on a first come, first-served basis, though we do our best to not turn anyone away. This year there will be an outdoor “patio” stage and an indoor stage. Each time slot is 25 minutes.

There is no monetary compensation for performers but we hope that is made up for by the exposure and camaraderie of the festival. We typically have as many as 1500 attendees and close to 150 musicians from around the southwest. Of course performers are welcome to sell recordings at their performances and at the volunteer-staffed CD table (we take no commission on sales). Our festival is entirely volunteer-run and the modest ticket revenue is used for subsequent years’ events.

Performer registration is now closed for the 2024 festival. However, we are still accepting late registrations. There is no guarantee late registrants will perform. Click here to fill out a registration.