Please email flagfolkfest@ffotm.net if you wish to volunteer at this year’s festival.

We ask our volunteers to work only one 3-hour shift.  In exchange you get free entry for the day and a $4 voucher you can use at any of our vendors.
Thanks in advance- we couldn’t do this without you!

Here is a general description of each job:

Setup/teardown: move chairs, tables, pop-ups, weed whack if necessary, put up signs & banners.

CD sales & Information: Musicians will leave their CDs with you for sale. Please use the inventory sheet to track these sales.  All profit goes to the musician. We do not take a percentage of sales. Checks for CDs should be made out to the musician.  We do not take credit cards.  Volunteers pick up their vouchers from here.  You also answer any questions people have, or direct them to someone who knows the answer.